Icon-Life Quality Aging

Maintaining your overall health and well-being* as you age doesn’t have to be difficult. Improve the process of quality aging with the help of AjiPure® amino acids*, which play an essential role in combating age-related muscle loss and strength*, increasing energy and endurance*, and boosting immune system function*.

Glutamimmune® for Quality Aging

Glutamimmune® is a great product for those interested in aging well as the protein-building amino acid, L-Glutamine, is important for supporting immune and intestinal health. It also has the added benefit of enabling the body to prevent infections.

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Fusil® for Quality Aging

Fusil® is one of the best amino acid products for those seeking to improve the natural aging process. One of the primary groups of people most at risk for loss of muscle mass over time is the aging and elderly population, through a muscle wasting condition known as “sarcopenia”. L-Leucine is the most effective BCAA for preventing muscle loss because of its ability to break down and convert to glucose quickly.

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ArgiFlow® for Quality Aging

Maintaining our cardiovascular health is of primary importance as we age, and there is no better amino acid product than ArgiFlow® to help meet those needs. One of L-Arginine’s most important functions is as a precursor for nitric oxide, key to cardiovascular health and the proper functioning of blood vessels.

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TryptoPure® for Quality Aging

Concerned about quality aging? TryptoPure® is a great product to add to your amino acid supplemental regimen! L-Tryptophan is important for the development and functioning of many organs in the body, including the digestive, skin, and nervous systems.

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