The AjiPure Difference

Purity. Safety. Efficacy. With Ajinomoto's AjiPure® amino acids, purity means quality. AjiPure® amino acids are manufactured by Ajinomoto®, the first company to identify, refine and market amino acids. More than 100 years later, as the leading global supplier of pharmaceutical and research-grade amino acids, we exceed industry standards for purity and quality.

Why are our supplements the most pure, safe, and effective amino acids on the market?

  • Purity :

    AjiPure® amino acids are 99% to 100% pure and unmatched in quality. Impurities found in other brands of amino acids can be as much as six times higher. This is the result of more than 100 years of scientific research and development.
  • Safety :

    AjiPure® uses no animal products, no fillers, and no shortcuts in our products. All of our amino acid products are produced by our patented Ferment-A-Pure Technology, for which Ajinomoto® currently has 130 patents. Unlike our competitors who use extracted products, such as hair or feathers, we use 100% natural, raw ingredients of non-animal origin.
  • Efficacy :

    AjiPure® products are milled seven times into a very fine powder for increased solubility in beverages. This not only allows them to be easily mixed into your go-to beverages or snacks, but it also results in quick absorption into the body and improved efficacy.

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For more than a century, Ajinomoto Co., Inc. has pioneered the development of new and innovative technologies used to manufacture and purify pharmaceutical grade amino acids.

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AjiPure® is dedicated to producing and supplying pharmaceutical-grade amino acids in a safe and effective manner.

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