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Learn how to include AjiPure® amino acids in your daily snacks and meals with these tasty and easy to prepare recipes. Whether you’re looking to improve the aging process, maintain a healthy/vegan lifestyle, maximize your athletic performance, or optimize your strength training, we have tasty treats for every lifestyle!

Easy Snack Idea

Lifestyles:  Elite Athletes, Strength Training, Quality Aging, Vegan/Healthy Living

AjiPure’s proprietary, instantized blend formulation and milling process provides increased beverage solubility for rapid absorption and improved efficacy. As the products have no taste, they can be easily combined with a variety of food and drink. Get creative and add them in your favorite:

  • Yogurt
  • Protein shakes
  • Sports drinks, fruit juice, or any other beverage
  • Cottage cheese
  • Milk
  • Cream of wheat or cream of rice (add after it is cooked and mix thoroughly)
  • Any sauce or dip such as spaghetti sauce, hummus or bean dips

Protein Packed Ginger Snap

Lifestyles:  Elite Athletes, Strength Training, Quality Aging
Recipe benefits:  Ginger has both analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties and, according to some studies, it may help decrease muscle pain by up to 25 percent. Plus, the protein in this shake is necessary for building and repairing muscle.

8 – 12 oz milk
1 scoop of vanilla whey protein powder (great for recovery)
AjiPure® Amino Acids
grate frozen ginger into your shake to taste
graham crackers to taste
Directions:  Blend all ingredients together.

Mango Mayhem

Lifestyles:  Quality Aging, Healthy Living
Recipe benefits:  This thick dessert-like smoothie is loaded with fiber, vitamins A & C and protein.

Greek yogurt*
AjiPure® Amino Acids
½ - 1 cup frozen mango chunks
ice cubes, as desired
Directions:  Blend all ingredients together.
* you can substitute protein powder + milk for the yogurt if desired

Peanut Butter Cup Weight Gainer

Lifestyles:  Elite Athletes, Strength Training/Cross Fitness
Recipe benefits:  This shake contains 550 calories, ensuring athletes and fitness buffs consume enough calories without filling up on junk. Plus, the peanut butter contains CoQ10, a coenzyme that helps the body convert food into fuel.

12 oz whole milk
1 scoop chocolate weight gainer protein powder
2 Tbsp Peanut butter
2 -4 Tbsp wheat germ
AjiPure® Amino Acids
Directions:  Blend all ingredients together.

Lean Machine

Lifestyles:  Quality Aging
Recipe benefits:  Beyond the added amino acids, this smoothie contains a good dose of fiber, calcium, vitamin D, protein and antioxidants to keep you healthy as you age.

1 cup any light yogurt
Fiber One or All Bran Cereal
AjiPure® Amino Acids
berries to taste (thaw frozen berries if fresh are not available).
Directions:   First mix your AjiPure® amino acids into your yogurt. Then top with Fiber One or All Bran (because most of us only get one half the fiber we need every day) and add berries.
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Consult your healthcare professionals before taking any dietary supplements.