Why AjiPure®?

AjiPure® amino acids stem from more than a century of research and development of innovative technologies used to manufacture and purify pharmaceutical grade amino acids. AJIPURE® amino acids are fermented using only natural vegetable-based carbohydrates as raw materials. The Ferment-A-Pure process assures you that only raw materials of non-animal origin are used in every production process. AJIPURE® amino acids stem from over 100 years of clinical and scientific research, yielding unsurpassed quality and purity. Industry leading purification processes allow quicker absorption, improved bio-availability, proven consistency and unrivaled efficacy.* We are proud to be the global leader in the production, sales and research of amino acids.  Learn More>>

Fusi-BCAA is the world’s highest, purity, fermented, vegetarian-source BCAA available on the global market.
  • Promotes muscular energy during physical training*..
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Glutamimmune contains the protein-building amino acid, L-Glutamine that enables the body to prevent infections and promote wound healing.
  • Fuels the immune system and supports intestinal health*..
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Fusil® contains the branched chain amino acid, L-Leucine that cannot be synthesized by the body and must be ingested through diet or supplement.
  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels, endurance, energy and muscle recovery*..
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ArgiFlow contains the amino acid, Arginine which must be consumed through supplementation due to the insufficient levels produced by the body.
  • Supports healthy blood pressure and blood flow already within a normal range*..
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TryptoPure® is widely used in intravenous solutions, as well as on the medical and consumer markets and within numerous specialty products.
  • Contributes to healthy sleep patterns*..
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